Demolition of bricklaying, concrete and reinforced concrete buildings

  • In order to prove the above said, and show our professionalism, you will find below some of the   reference works executed by us:

    -blast works in stone pits , surface mine workings;

    -taking part in blast works for portions of TRANSFAGARASAN road , DANUBE-BLACK SEA channel;

    -blast demolition of a tower complex during the peace keeping mission in BOSNIA-HERTEGOVINA (year 1999);

    -mixed demolition (explosive and mechanic) of a reinforced concrete platform and dispersal of light metallic elements at S.C. JOLIDON S.R.L. Cluj (year 2003);

    -blast demolition of a reinforced concrete silo, scaffolds at S.C. EUROSYNERGY S.R.L. Cluj and CARBOCHIM Cluj (year 2003);

    -reinforced concrete foundations and walls blast works at S.C. PELGRYM S.R.L. Cluj (year 2003);

    -a work of rock destroying on a hard to reach route so as to be built a new road in the locality ROMULI area, county Bistrita-Nasaud, in Rodna Mountains and BECLEAN area (year 2004) ;

    -blast demolition of foundations and light concrete elements found in halls at S.C. MUCART S.A. Cluj (year 2004);

    -demolition through implosion of a hall of about 3,500 mc within S.C. TERAPIA S.A. Cluj-Napoca (February 2005);

    -demolition of concrete elements from S.C. REFRABAZ S.A. (august 2005);

    -demolition through implosion of a complex of halls (three) with a surface of 2,000 sm and of grain elevator of about 5,000 to in former S.C. BEGA PAM S.A. Timisoara, (September 2005) in the inhabited area (8,500 mc);

    -blast demolitions of support walls and reinforced concrete platforms in the quarry BOLOGA of S.C. GRANDEMAR S.A. Cluj (March 2006) (540 mc);

    -demolition through implosion of a water tank of 500 mc within S.C. SOMES S.A. Dej (May 2006);

    -blast demolitions of reinforced concrete platforms on the industrial platform at S.C. SOMES S.A. Dej (June 2006) (250 mc);

    – rock destroying to make embankments in the area of locality Arieseni, county Alba (November 2006);

    -water tower blast demolition within the farm complex Smithfeld (former COMTIM) at the farm Bacova, county Timis (December 2006) (500 mc);

    -blast works in order to make a forest road near the locality Campeni, county Alba (April 2007).

    – blast works in order to S. C. HIDROCONSTRUCŢIA S. A. Bucureşti, the hydro dam Tarnita, county Cluj (Aout 2008; 1000 mc);

    – wall blast demolition in the S.C. HOLCIM S.A. Turda, country Cluj  (October 2009; 5000 mc);

    – blast demolitions of reinforced concrete platforms on the industrial platform at SC Grand Impex SRL Cluj Napoca(Mai 2015) (150 mc);

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